Altcoin Series #2 - Mid Caps

Altcoin Series #2 - Mid Caps
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In the last edition we talked about the best high cap Altcoins to accumulate going into the new cycle. In this post I will discuss the top 5 mid caps that I believe have a good chance of making significant gains in the next cycle based on ROI. I have restricted the following altcoins to have a market cap below 2 billion but above 300 million.

Let's take a look at number 5 on the list...

5. Quant

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Quant is aiming to bridge the communications between blockchains with the help of its technology called the Overledger operating system. The unique quality about this technology is that it is blockchain agnostic so you do not require a specific tech in order to link and communicate with other blockchains. You can read a full review here.

So let's look at ROI for Quant, although a mid cap and its future ATH can be significant, going on hard facts, Quant will achieve a 3x going back to its previous ATH of $436. This coin has held up really well during this bear period so will be an interesting choice going into the next cycle.

4. Decentraland (MANA)

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Coming in at number 4 is Mana, a coin that has been around for some time now but one that is very relevant in today's crypto space. Decentraland is built on ethereum and seeks to incentivise a global network of users to operate a shared virtual world. Decentraland has to main tokens Land which is a NFT for ownership of land parcels and MANA which facilitates the purchases of LAND as well as other virtual goods. You can read a full overview here.

Currently as we are in a bear market the price of MANA has reduced significantly, so assuming this token will go back to its previous ATH what kind of ROI are we likely to see if we were to purchase this token today?

The previous ATH was around $6 so a $1000 investment today would give you a reasonable 8x ROI...

3. The Sandbox (SAND)

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Another metaverse pick is The Sandbox which has a great team and is backed by gaming giant Animoca Brands. Similar to MANA where users have the opportunity to purchase lands and create their own unique gaming experiences. It resembles earlier games such as Minecraft but with the metaverse narrative being more and more evident in the coming years, this will be a coin to look out for. You can read a full review here.

Looking at the ROI opportunity for SAND, its current price is down at 0.82 cents which is about 90% down from its ATH. Can it go down further? Sure, but let's discuss what a $1000 today would bring if and when this gets back to ATH's.

Currently, this coin from its current price would give you a decent 10x return which for a crypto with such an amazing concept is something to consider.

2. Loopring (LRC)

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So coming in at number 2 is Loopring, a DeFi protocol operating on the Ethereum blockchain. With zkRollups being a big thing for the future, Loopring helps developers build a non-custodial order book with high throughput on Ethereum using ‘zero-knowledge proofs.’ Their goal is to enable the building of highly scalable exchanges without compromising Ethereum-level security guarantees through a zkRollup construction. Read a full review here.

The price today for LRC is around 028 cents down again about 90% from its ATH. So what would a $1000 investment get today? Currently, LRC is 13x away from its ATH so I would consider this a decent opportunity for the future.

1. Mina (MINA)

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Advertised as the worlds lightest blockchain, Mina is a PoS powered blockchain which limits its size to 22kb per block size. One of the problems Mina aims to solve is an issue of centralisation that has been a downfall of many earlier blockchains. Mina also users zero knowlegde proof technology where the users proves they have certain information or are a particular person without revealing any of the actual data to the other party.

It also aims to address the scalability issues present in existing blockchains where the cost to verify the blockchain grows proportionally with total transaction throughput.

Read a full review here..

So looking at ROI for Mina, the current price is around 0.58 down over 90% from its ATH. A $1000 investment today would give you an incredible 16x back to its former ATH.

Final Thoughts...

So there you have it my top 5 mid cap coins for the next cycle, please remember that this is not financial advice and none of these crypto's may go back to their ATH's and could end up dying... Do your own research and comment with the altcoins that you think are better in the mid cap range...

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Honourable mentions

ThorChain (Rune), Hedera (HBAR),

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