Crypto Friday Roundup

Crypto Friday Roundup
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Friday 2nd September 

So what ‘s been happening this week in the Crypto Space:

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This week, it was revealed that a woman from Melbourne, Australia, requested a $100 refund from crypto.com in May of last year, but instead received $10 million.

Crypto.com accidentally refunded the Australian woman a much larger amount than she expected. The large and well known crypto exchange did not discover the blunder December, a full, 7 months, when they were doing end-of-year audit.

Crypto.com did try and use legal means to contact the woman in an attempt to recover the 100 million dollars, even informing the court that the blunder occurred because an account number was entered into the payment field instead.

In those 7 months, the woman has been living it large, saying she had spent the 10 million dollars, buying a multi-million-dollar mansion with a cinema room and pool. A judge has ordered that their property be sold and the money raised should be repaid to crypto.com.

The question here is…What would you have done if that had happened to you?

Crypto.com has also pulled out of it’s $495 million-dollar, 5 year UEFA Champions league sponsorship deal. So it looks like it’s not only Arsenal and United that will be absent from the champions league for the next few years!!!! Sorry Oz!

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Iran's Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade has approved the use of cryptocurrency for imports into the country. The new law allows the government and local businesses to pay for imports into the country using cryptocurrency.

Local businesses will be able to import vehicles and other imported goods into Iran using cryptocurrencies rather than US dollars or euros.

International trade sanctions have largely been imposed against Iran in response to opposition to its nuclear programme, effectively cutting the country out of the global banking system.

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Our final story this week where….

Crypto Leaks, a whistleblowing website that reports stories exposing market manipulation, scams and scandals in the crypto space reported had used their former lawyer Kyle Roche to file lawsuits against their competitors.

The whistleblowing website published undercover video on their website.

Emin Gun Sirer, the CEO of Avax, has categorically denied Avax using these means to get an edge over their crypto rivals and says the videos are not shown in full context and heavily edited.

Avalanche coin (AVAX) has lost 15% in the last week.

Not sure what you make of this story

Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend and see you guys’ next time!

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