From Dogma to Dialogue: Navigating Tribalism in the Crypto Space

From Dogma to Dialogue: Navigating Tribalism in the Crypto Space
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This is two-part blog post exploring the world of tribalism in the crypto space. This blog post is based on a solo Crypto Unplugged Podcast episode published on the 7th July 2022. Read part one here.


In Part 1 of this blog series, we delved into the intriguing world of cryptocults and tribalism within the crypto space. Today, we'll continue exploring this fascinating topic and analyse the reasons behind people's involvement in these groups. From vested financial interests to the allure of decentralisation and the power of charismatic founders, there are numerous factors driving individuals to become part of cryptocults. As we explore these reasons, let's also consider the impact of tribalism on the crypto community and its potential consequences.

Vested Financial Interests and Belief in Projects

One of the primary reasons people join cryptocults is their vested financial interest in a particular project or token. Naturally, when individuals invest in a project, they become emotionally attached to its success. This emotional attachment can lead to passionate advocacy and even tribalistic behaviour. Some investors genuinely believe in the technology and perform thorough fundamental analysis, while others might fall victim to scams or be misled by influential figures.

The Appeal of Decentralisation and Web3

The concept of decentralisation has a powerful allure in the crypto space. Many individuals are drawn to projects that promise to create a decentralised world, where users have control over their data and financial affairs. Web3 and metaverse technologies also captivate the imagination, presenting the potential for a new era of internet freedom and play-to-earn opportunities. However, it is essential to be critical and discerning when evaluating projects claiming to embody these principles.

Impressed by Charismatic Founders

Charismatic founders play a significant role in attracting followers to a project or cryptocult. While it is crucial to consider the leaders behind a project during fundamental analysis, blindly following a personality without critically assessing the project's merits can be detrimental. Individuals should strive for independent thinking rather than unquestioning devotion to a founder's ideas.

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The Role of Crypto Tribalism in Mass Adoption

Crypto tribalism has both positive and negative effects on mass adoption. While it can spark interest and curiosity among newcomers to the space, it can also create divisions and discourage collaboration. Mass adoption is more likely to happen when people from various backgrounds and interests feel welcome and informed. There is no one exclusive method to achieve mass adoption, and diverse paths can lead to a broader understanding of the crypto space.

The Dangers of Dogmatic Maximalism

Maximalism, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Some individuals are genuinely passionate about Bitcoin and see it as the pinnacle of the crypto space. However, dogmatic maximalism, which involves demonising other projects and stifling creativity, is counterproductive. A more open-minded and inclusive approach is essential for fostering progress in the crypto space.

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Understanding the factors behind cryptocults and tribalism in the crypto space is crucial for cultivating a healthy and diverse community. Each individual's motivations for participating in the crypto space are unique, and that diversity is what contributes to the space's richness and potential. Striving for financial freedom, embracing decentralisation, and supporting different projects can coexist harmoniously without the need for dogmatic beliefs or antagonistic behaviour. As we move forward, let's prioritise education, critical thinking, and collaboration to create a thriving and inclusive crypto ecosystem.

Thank you for joining me on this journey into the world of cryptocults and tribalism in the crypto space.

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