Can You Trade Crypto?

Can You Trade Crypto?

Another weekly crypto update is out now with my thoughts on the crypto market. Trading is not easy and I don't recommend day trading for anyone who hasn't spent a lot of time in the markets and studied some form of technical analysis. We are updating our Crypto Academy section with many crypto trading guides for you to get yourself familiar with the charts.

This week's crypto trading update

In this week's video I take a look at the dxy chart to see whether or not we have seen a local top in the market and will it now start to trade lower giving relief to all risk assets including the crypto market. I also take a look at some longer term crypto indicators to try and determine whether we are going to get a long term positive trade signal to indicate crypto and bitcoin will start a bullish trend or are the crypto markets bracing for more pain ahead.

I hope you enjoy the crypto video update and find it useful, maybe you  can incorporate some of the trading strategies into your longer term outlook. With such uncertain times for the global macro environment it it very important to have a trading strategy, especially when you are trading volatile assets such as crypto.

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